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TimeLine of the ArcBuilder Universe


The Neoaster Period
The Middle Interplanetary Age

2048 AD to 2061 AD


2049 AD

  • The Icarus Corporation and their holdings on Mercury formally declare themselves the Independent State of Hermes.  Swiftly recognized as a powerful political entity, primarily due to their controlling interests in robotics, nanotechnology, and solar power, the rest of the Inner System greets them with a wide range of acceptance.
  • AmTech is formally recognized by the United Nations as an independent nation of the same name, with holdings that include the entirety of the Martian halo, as well as many stations, habitats, and asteroids in the Main Belt.  While there is a great deal of resentment on Earth for this independence, most nations are forced to accept the fact simply because of the clout that their hold over asteroidal resources represents.

2050 AD:  The Resource Wars on Earth.  While not a sharply defined period, nor one defined by easy to divide conflicts, the Wars are largely considered to have begun in this year with the invasion of the Middle East by the Soviet Union.  Made desperate due to the nearly ceased flow of resources from offworld, the Soviets plan a move back to self reliance via fossil fuels, with the first step being to secure the vast oil fields of this region.  However, the Saudis prove to be far more adept at war than what the Soviets had expected, and after decades of keeping peace in the region they are not willing to easily allow foreign invaders to destroy the region.  Indeed, the Soviets will become second rate players in this regional conflict as the Sino-Russian War drags on, and as other foreign powers begin to make their own bids for control of the region.

2052 AD:  AmTech establishes a permanent outpost of Ceres.  From here a center for materials export will grow and over the next few years the outpost will burgeon into a major colonial center.  It will eventually become the center of AmTech operations in the Belt and serve as a way station for manned movement into the outer System.

2053 AD:  The Sino-Russian War reaches its apex when the Soviets, desperate to end a conflict with no appreciable gains, bombards most population centers from orbit utilizing small asteroids covertly taken from their Earth-crossing orbits.  China is brought to its knees, and in the aftermath the Soviets lay claim to much of their former territories.  Amidst universal condemnation, a famous and chilling quote is uttered by the then Soviet Premiere Kovalyov Nikodim Danilovich: "We've ended a terrible war by tossing a few rocks.  be glad we don't toss a few nukes next."  The environmental consequences of these relatively small impacts, taken as a whole, will be felt across the planet.

2054 AD

  • In a swift program of precision strikes, the IAC reveals to the world its next generation PPF.  This Force is a refined military machine, highly trained, with the latest technology available.  Several Soviet vessels approaching the Earth, carrying small asteroids that will be used to make the Middle East a Soviet territory, are quickly and efficiently boarded and taken over by the new PPF.  It is a clear warning that no further military aggression from offworld, directed at the Earth, will be tolerated.
  • Food riots begins to spread like wildfire across the United States.  Martial law is enacted, and further demonstrations are the public response.  In a vicious loop, the growing violence necessitates further military intervention, until the entire nation is finally placed under martial law.  In a few short weeks the Constitution is suspended by the Presidential Administration, who is supported by his chiefs of staff.  With military backing, the old United States is largely gone, and in its place what amounts to a dictatorship arises.  The rise of governmental propaganda begins.
2055 AD:  Western forces comprised of European and American troops invade and gain major footholds in the Middle East.  Saudi Arabia has begun to falter under the constant beating and begins to lose its grip on the region.  Eastern Europe has become awash in conflict, while the rest of the world begins to crumble under the weight of a growing chaotic climate, conflict, and various goods shortages.  "We are walking a tightrope that is frayed," says the British Prime Minister Alistair Longway.  "I feat that it will part from beneath us at any moment."
2056 AD:  The Lunar Colonial Coalition officially unifies under a single government and is known as the Republic of Selene.  The Moon Men, able to spread out more freely, begins to spread their genetic makeup among the rest of the population through marriage, liaisons, and further DNA sampling.  The IAC itself supports Lunar independence, knowing that this will provide much needed stability in the CisLunar region.

2057 AD

  • Utilizing the ice-free Arctic Ocean Soviet forces pass into northern Canada and Alaska, establishing beachheads in several places.  It is an invasion that is met with swift American ferocity.  For the first time in her history the United States (and much of Canada) has become a battlefield.  Upon hearing the news of the Soviet-American war Alistair Longway is reported to have lamented, "The rope has broken," a reference to his quote from two years previous.  This move by the Soviets, desperate for resources, is the first step in several that will deeply weaken and even topple old political regimes and ignite World War III. 
  • After several months of fighting in the northern regions of Canada and Alaska, the United States begin to launch tactical missile strikes against Russian targets in Europe.  Almost immediately retaliatory strikes are launched against American cities via Soviet submarines.  Amidst this chaos Saudi Arabia manages to launch a single nuclear weapon towards Moscow, intent on driving the Soviets from the Middle East.  This is all that is needed.  Confusion reigns and the Soviets launch several nuclear weapons at the United States, Europe, and Saudi Arabia.  Western retaliatory strikes follow.  By the end of the day, both superpowers have been brought to their knees.
  • Having witnessed the nuclear exchange from offworld, various military hostilities immediately cease throughout the Inner System.  The PPF immediately moves to secure SkyTower.  AmTech announces that they will begin to construct new habitats in large numbers, intending them to be sites for refugees from the shattered Earth.  Hermes begin to transmit surpluses of power to the ravaged planet to aid in recovery.  But it is all too little too late.  The quality of life on Earth is devastated and with only a handful of nations having survived, their concentration is on regrouping and aiding their populations.  It is estimated that nearly one billion people died outright in the nuclear exchange, and that hundreds of millions more will die over the next few years due to secondary effects caused by World War III.

2058 AD:  For several years the high altitude dust particles that were the result of the Soviet asteroid drops on China had been bringing cooler temperatures around the world than what had been the recent norm.  Now, with the onset of a weak Solar cycle and further particulate contamination coming from the nuclear exchange global temperatures begin to plummet.  What is left of agriculture around the world collapses.  Reliance on offworld resources becomes all consuming and impossible to keep up with.  As winter begins to come to the northern hemisphere, and early at that, people begin to die from starvation and exposure by the tens of thousands.

2061 AD:  At Station Caprion, high atop SkyTower, representatives from across the Inner System and from the surviving and intact nations of the Earth come together in a momentous meeting.  In an event that will mark the beginning of a new age of recovery, the Inner System Peace Accords are signed and the Congress of Nations is formed.  With this treaty comes a promise of peace, trust, and inter-reliance.  The Inner System Commonwealth is established.  Stations, habitats, and colonial settlements are now sovereign nations.  The Planetary Protection Force is disbanded, and its resources are divided among the charter members.  The old IAC is dissolved, and in its place is the International Terran Authority, a congressional body for the governance of the remaining nations of the Earth.  However, the Earth is broken and failing, a world of rampant disease and ongoing death.  The ITT asks for aid, and the Congress of Nations promises that the Commonwealth will validate its core beliefs by rendering aid to the world that saw the birth of Humankind.

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