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The Third Galactic Civilization

53 to 15 million years ago


35 million years ago:  The stem-catarrhine anthropoid Aegyptopithecus evolves in what will become Egypt.  Representing an example of creatures leading to the divergence of the New and Old World Monkeys, it was roughly the size of a modern howler monkey and inhabited the subtropical forests of the region.

25 million years ago:  The catarrhine primates diverge into the Old World Monkeys and the apes.  It is during this split that modern Human trichromatic color vision has its genetic origins.  The earliest known member to represent this split was the species Proconsul, which possessed a light build and an arboreal quadruped lifestyle that would mark the Old World Monkeys, while possessing the ape feature of having no tail.  Proconsul might well have been a direct ancestor to both the greater and lesser apes, as well as Hominids.

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