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The Second Galactic Civilization

160 to 53 million years ago


160 million years ago:  The earliest true eutherian mammal, Juramaia, evolves.  This was an arboreal creature, and represents the beginning of a line of mammals that would lead to most modern forms, including Humans.

155 million years ago:  Some of the earliest true birds evolve, however primitive and similar to their reptilian ancestors.
130 million years ago:  The rise of the angiosperm plants.  These flowering plants are in a symbiotic relationship with many forms of insects, which spurs further development, which in turn spurs animal evolution onward in order to exploit this new source of food.
88 million years ago:  The mammalian Euarchonta, which encompass a variety of extinct order of mammals, as well as modern primates, tree shrews, and flying lemurs, evolve in the Cretaceous forests.  These are relatively small arboreal creatures, and are directly in the line of Human ancestry.
79.6 million years ago:  The mammalian Primatomorpha group diverges into the Primates and Dermoptera (flying lemur) orders.
66 million years ago:  The KT Event sees the extinction of the Dinosaurs, as well as many other orders of marine and terrestrial life.  Caused by the impact of a six kilometer wide asteroid, the event opens up the world to the mammals, although for a time after the Event large flightless birds and some varieties of reptiles gain ecological dominance.

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