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TimeLine of the ArcBuilder Universe


The Angelic Era

6.82 to 5.42 billion years ago


6.82 billion years ago:  Within the Milky Way a species, having already developed a high order of intelligence, becomes the first intelligent race to move out into interstellar space.  These beings will become known to Humanity as the Angelics, because of their seemingly "divine" technological abilities.
6.73 billion years ago:  The Angelics have come to inhabit the entirety of the Milky Way galaxy.  Their civilization, which moves at a glacial pace, has nonetheless colonized millions of stars.  Rarely do they terraform worlds, but instead they create vast underground warrens, often stretching across the entire planet, and often reaching tens of kilometers deep.  Interstellar travel remains a limiting factor for them, but their artificially extended lives makes this a non-issue.
6.21 billion years ago:  The Angelics discover what will come to be called Tesseract Space.  This is a plane of space lying "beneath" the universe, but constrained to much smaller dimensions.  The extent of Tesseract Space is limited by the gravitational influences of galaxies and their central black holes, which serve as "anchors".  The spaces between galaxies are generally inaccessible, unless the galaxies are relatively close.  The Angelics have learned to utilize this space for swift travel between the stars, making such journeys as easy as stepping from one room to another.  The usage of this space unites their dominion throughout the Milky Way, and their already advanced civilization begins to advance even further.
6.08 billion years ago:  The Angelics become a race of immortals.  Their biological features have all but disappeared as they learn to exist within the frameworks of computer systems.  These systems themselves exist solely within the structure of space-time itself.  An Angelic individual might manifest as a waveform of light, or it might "possess" a suitable physical machine of some sort.  Biological "possession" is also practiced, but these are generally artificially grown bodies.  With this new found freedom, the Angelics become less interested in mundane activities and goals, and instead begin to wander the Galaxy, observing and experimenting in all manner of things.
5.88 billion years ago:  A major schism erupts within the long static Angelic society.  Lead by a core group of isolationists, a faction of "Demonics" remove themselves to Tesseract Space, where they believe that their purpose is to meditate on existence and through sheer mental prowess create a new, more orderly universe.  The rest of the Angelics remain within the Galaxy, but still utilize Tesseract space as a means of travel.  However, such passage creates distortions that begin to corrupt the Demonics' structure, slowly corrupting them on a time scale that even they do not notice.
5.51 billion years ago:  The growing instability of the Demonics reaches a head and they rise up in unreasoning anger against the Angelics.  It is open war between the two groups of non-physical beings, a war that has devastating consequences on scales that effect entire solar systems.  In the end, the Angelics trap the Demonics within Tesseract Space.  The Angelics resign themselves to traveling through space as waveforms of light, constrained by the speed of light.
5.45 billion years ago: The Angelics begin to move on from the Galaxy.  Over time many individuals travel onwards to new galaxies, eager to explore new locations.  The Milky Way is, in effect, being abandoned, their memory being lost by the lesser races of the time.
5.42 billion years ago:  The last of the Angelic places within the Milky Way have been abandoned.  The last of the Angelics themselves moves beyond the confines of the Galaxy.  Myths and legends speak of some that might have remained, but as the younger sapient races evolve and eventually disappear, knowledge of the ancient super race is lost entirely.  Left behind are only monuments to their one time presence in the form of slowly decaying megastructure ruins, and worlds transformed by their hand.  The Milky Way falls silent.

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