The ArcBuilder Universe


TimeLine of the ArcBuilder Universe


The Pre-Angelic Era

13.72 to 6.82 billion years ago


13.798 billion years ago:  The Universe emerges from an infinitely hot and dense state, expanding outward in the so-called Big Bang.  During the first few seconds of this genesis event, the physical laws which will govern the Universe are laid down.
13.6 billion years ago:  The formation of the first stars.  These are the Population III stars, as will serve as seeders for heavy elements throughout the Universe.
13.5 billion years ago:  The earliest stages of the formation of the Milky Way Galaxy.  At this point the Galaxy is a dark cloud of hydrogen and helium, only loosely bound together by mutual gravity.
13.2 billion years ago:  Some of the earliest Population II stars begin to form.  Among them are included the Milky Way's HE 1523-0901, one of the oldest stars known in the Galaxy.
13.1 billion years ago:  The earliest galaxies begin to form.  These are generally small, dwarf galaxies, which will slowly merge into much larger bodies.
12.6 billion years ago:  The Milky Way begins to grow more rapidly as it begins to collide with other galaxies, merging with them.
9.7 billion years ago:  The earliest Population I stars form.  These include many stars that are still in existence today.
8.8 billion years ago:  The Milky Way's thin disk forms.


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