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The history of the ArcBuilder Universe is not one that revolves around the Earth, though a great part of "modern" events play out there.  Before the rise of Humanity, and indeed before the birth of the Earth itself, there were great powers among the stars that walked like giants and left thunderous footfalls that resound to the current era.  Even as the Milky Way was still forming, becoming a cohesive spiral galaxy, destinies were being forged among the first intelligences.

Humanity itself became one of many center stages in the Galaxy, though from the perspective of that species so many things may have seemed to revolve about them.  Perhaps this was true to an extent, at least as far as the Local Stellar Neighborhood went. Through several outside influences, and a chain reaction of events hearkening back to those early eons, the Earth did indeed become a player in Galactic events, however unwittingly.

History, of course, is not static.  There is no true beginning, and there certainly is no definitive end.  So many tales of wonder and peril, curiosity and horror can be found throughout the timeline listed below.  The Earth, and Humanity itself persist well beyond what might be written here.  And their own events, their own tales... well, they may yet be forthcoming.


The Pre-Angelic Era
13.72 to 6.82 billion years ago

The Universe was born of the Big Bang, the expansion of all that we know, all that has ever existed, from an infinitely hot and dense singularity.  In mere seconds the Universe was a grand architectural wonder moving on towards infinity.  Within a few hundred thousand years the first stars began to shine, and the galaxies began to form.  The Milky Way itself came into being, and thus was set the foundation for a 13 billion year odyssey.  Last updated 1-23-16

The Angelic Era
6.82 to 5.42 billion years ago

As with so many things, the vast and ponderous legacy of the Angelics, the first intelligence to take to the stars within the Milky Way, began in a most humble fashion.  Upon a simple world, born from simple oceans, these beings rose to greatness and conquered the Milky Way, and the very fabric of space-time itself.  The echoes of their lives, and their passing, resound to the modern era and beyond.  Last updated 1-24-16

The Post Angelic Era
5.42 to 3.2 billion years ago

With the fading away of the Angelics, the Milky Way became a quiet place, where interstellar civilizations were few and not enduring.  Old stars died, new ones were born, and the seeds of much of the modern galaxy were sewn.  Among these was Sol, the shining star of Humanity.  Last updated 1-24-16

The Titanian Era
3.2 to 1.35 billion years ago

Almost simultaneously several interstellar civilizations blossomed into the glory of galactic-scale polities, spreading across the Milky Way with determination and innovation.  It was truly a time when giants strode among the stars, and entire worlds shivered with their passing... or shattered with their quarrels.  In time it was this greatness that doomed them, trapped them within a cycle of warm and rebuilding and war until finally none could rebound.  Last updated 2-10-16

The Archaic Galactic Era
1.35 billion to 390 million years ago

Few interstellar civilizations arise during this period.  The period is marked with the rise and fall of countless global civilizations, with a few even coming to encompass their entire solar systems.  Even those that do spread to the stars last a surprisingly short time, with only a few rising above the seemingly inevitable rush towards extinctions.  It is from these, however, that the future of the Milky Way will be forged.  Last updated 2-13-16

The Galactic Civilization Era
390 million years go to the Present

  • Pre-Galactic Civilization -- 390 to 363 million years ago  From the ruins of the Archaic civilizations arose several new interstellar polities.  They would spread, slowly, throughout the Milky Way, but it was one among them, the Tsubar'ey, that would come to define the shape of things to come.  Last updated 2-13-16
  • The First Galactic Civilization -- 363 to 160 million years ago  The Tsubar'ey, once they gained their place as the dominant civilization in the Milky Way, quickly made their presence known.  Countless worlds felt their touch, and countless species were gently provolved into sapiency.  By no means would they all survive, but those that did would eventually enter into the Galactic Civilization.  Last updated 2-13-16
  • The Second Galactic Civilization -- 160 to 53 million years ago  As the First civilization modified countless species, so did the Second Civilization modify countless worlds.  Terraforming had always been among those aspects of their technological prowess, but now it became the mainstay.  Worlds which were fallow, uninhabitable, or simply not up to their potential would be molded by the Tsubar'ey like clay.  Last updated 2-15-16
  • The Third Galactic Civilization -- 53 to 15 million years ago  This was the true height of the Tsubar'ey.  Their presence was felt in every corner of the Milky Way, and beyond.  Yet their long history of meddling and interference would come at a cost, a plague that would bring them low, teach them humility, and push them into the shadows of the Galaxy.  Last updated 2-15-16
  • The Post Galactic Civilization -- 15 million years ago to the Present  For 375 million years the Milky Way lay under the single uniting banner of the Tsubar'ey, the super-civilization that had long since risen from the murky fields of interplanetary exploration to the shining heights of Galactic -- and extra-Galactic -- community.  Like gods they strode among the stars.  Worlds were reshaped under their touch.  Nebula were formed and contracted to give birth to stars.  The Galactic Core had become their forge, black holes their prisons.  Yet all things have their time, and the days came when the Tsubar'ey at last withdrew back into obscurity.  Mostly.

    Where once they traveled through Tesseract Space in the blink of an eye, they now withdrew to Paraspace, unreasonably terrified of the specters that hid within that other level of the universe, ghosts from the dawn of the Milky Way.  Paraspace travel may have been infinitely slower by comparison, but it still put the entirety of the Galaxy, and beyond, within their range.  Given their immortality, long ago achieved through science, and their limitless patience, achieved even further back in their history through natural evolution, the Tsubar'ey were well suited for the stewardship of the Milky Way.  Yet there came a day when they had finally decided that enough was enough.

    It was as if the Galaxy had been abandoned.  Spurred on by both their own sense of completion and guilt, the mighty starships ceased to move between the stars.  So many projects, plans, and machinations had been performed over the span of their reign that worlds which were scattered across the Galaxy by stellar drift and time still bore close biological kinships.  The guilt of this interference weighed heavily upon them, however, and they wondered what might
    this world have become had they not sacrificed the life on that world for it.  Did that pre-sapient species deserve to be provolved into a thinking and curious form while that species was ignored and left to wallow in ignorance and, finally, extinction?  It was time, the Tsubar'ey unanimously decided, to leave well enough alone.  They would retire, disappear from the Galactic stage, and the Third Civilization would come to an end.

    Yet even the Tsubar'ey, for all of their wisdom, could not leave well enough alone.  Even as the Third Civilization ceased to exist, pockets of these mighty being s became established throughout the Milky Way and her satellite galaxies.  Communication remained constant throughout these nodes of culture, and ships still traveled between them.  The hand of the Tsubar'ey had been released from the fate of the Galaxy.  But their vision remained keen.  Within the Orion Arm of the Galaxy, two nodes were established.  One lay deep within an emission nebula, hidden away.  The other lay in the open, but equally hidden, the intent being to make it accessible for those races that might evolve, on their own, to find and join this post Galactic Civilization.

    The Tsubar'ey remained watchful, and in the Orion Arm they kept their eyes on those prospective worlds that they had visited repeatedly during the heights of their ancient Civilization.  Among these was the Earth, where they had already aided so many species into true sapience.  They would return to the Earth, and they would watch as others also came to that blue marble of a world.  For fifteen million years the Earth and the Local Neighborhood of stars would be the grounds upon which giants strode.  And, in time, being what they were, Humanity would eventually take those first steps in an attempt to join them.
    • The Paleoaster Period -- 15 to 1.33 million years ago -- Centered on the Solar System, this time period saw the rise of Humanity's ancestors... and the final touches of the Tsubar'ey on the Earth.  Last updated 2-15-16
    • The Mesoaster Period -- 1.33 million to 12,000 years ago --  As the forests gave way to the open plains, and later the great fields of ice, Humanity slowly evolved into a variety of forms, a great and varied family that spread across much of the planet.  As they did, the ArcBuilders themselves arose to Galactic dominance, their presence felt even by our primitive ancestors.  Ancient human cultures rose to technological grandeur, only to fall once more while the planet undulated in climatic indecision.  It was a time of turbulence, and even the ArcBuilders themselves fell low and were gone.  Humanity survived, if only just, to begin the long climb back up to technological prowess.  And the Tsubar'ey watched it all.  Last updated 2-24-16
    • The Neoaster Period -- 12,000 years ago to the Present -- The rise of modern Human civilization, from the Sumerians to Rome to the great superpowers of the United States and the Soviet Union.  We moved away from the Earth, and in time we moved out to the stars.  We became aware of our amazing past, and confronted the horrors hidden in those long aged shadows.

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