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From the depths of cosmic history to ten thousand years in the future, there is the ArcBuilder Universe.  Created by a civilization lost to time, the ArcWays became the key to creating a true interstellar civilization, allowing instantaneous travel between the stars and maintaining all which truly defines a civilized and cohesive society.  Yet Mankind is a trespasser to the ArcWays, using them without truly understanding them, unaware of their effect on previous civilizations, and always holding a subliminal portion of frightened wonder at how powerful the original Builders must have been to create a technology that seems to be so defiant of all known physics.

Yet, perhaps even more frightening than the possibility of encountering those vanished ArcBuilders is the prospect that very few are even aware of, the prospect of encountering a force contained within the ArcWays themselves, one which destroyed the Builders over one hundred thousand years ago.



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